Fliúit 2 (book)

June McCormack

Fliuit 2 is for intermediate and advanced flute players and is a follow-on to 'Fliúit', published in 2006. It is a tutorial to develop repertoire, ornamentation and breathing. Two CDs are included with 78 tracks. Each tune is played at a slow pace and then at a faster pace. Thirteen exercises are recorded to practice each type of ornament.

Fliúit 2 includes 65 arranged tunes, with breathing & ornamentation suggestions for each tune. There are over thirty reels and seventeen jigs in this collection to enable players to develop repertoire. A small number of the tunes require the use of the F natural and B flat keys, which offer a challenge to advanced players.


3 The Sligo Reel (1:03)
11 Helvic Head (3:40)
18 Rainy Day (1:48)
30 The Flowing Tide (1:01)