The Bank of Turf (CD)

Tommy Fitzharris & Donal McCague

Described as 'the finest album of its kind ever recorded', this compilation of 15 tracks features the fiddle of Donal McCague with the flute of Tommy Fitzharris, two virtuoso musicians playing together at the top of their game. Traditional airs and new compositions combine to provide an outstanding collection that will come to be regarded as a classic of its genre. Also featuring Brian McGrath, this CD comes with extensive sleeve-notes detailing the provenance of the various tunes included.


1 Rooney's/ Sound Man, Eamonn (3.02)
2 The Jolly Tinker/ McFadden's Own (2.25)
3 The Butterslip Hornpipe/ Frank Cassidy's (4.32)
4 There's a man Here on Crutches (3.19)
5 Paddy in London/ The Reaper (3.26)
6 The Recreational Team/ The Ewe (3.04)
7 The Gold Ring/ Sheehan's (3.44)
8 The Bank of Turf/ The Moving Bog (2.46)
9 The Banks of Newfoundland (3.51)
10 It May Well Be/ The Monaghan Fiddler (4.09)
11 The Knocknagree Reel/ Healy's House (4.30)
12 The Tram/ Iorball Sionnaigh (3.37)
13 The Flower of the Flock (4.40)
14 The Chapel Bell/ A Visit to Ireland (3.01)
15 White Fairy/ All About Weaving (4.05)